Honda Activa Price 2014

The bike is unveiled at the price of 46,400 INR. In comparison to other such bikes the vehicle has been presented at much lower rates, though mounted with all needful and even more.
The Suzuki Access 125, claims to be competitive but dilutes the deal with higher price of 47,500. On the contrary the hero pleasure serves a lower deal but the vehicle is pretty low in its performance. The technical specifications are not as better as in Activa. Mahindra Duro Dz is again a strong contender to claim a market segment, but technical analysis will surely compel to give a second though before incubating the deal. One surely can't compromise with comfort and safety.


Honda Activa Price in Delhi

  • On Raod Price= Rs.* 52289
  • Ex-Showroom Price= Rs. 47596

Honda Activa Price in Mumbai

  • On Raod Price= Rs.* 56888
  • Ex-Showroom Price= Rs. 51665

Honda Activa Price in Pune

  • On Raod Price= Rs. * 54709
  • Ex-Showroom Price= Rs. 49650

Honda Activa Price in Bangalore

  • On Raod Price= Rs.* 58504
  • Ex-Showroom Price= Rs. 50364

Honda Activa Price in Kerala

  • On Raod Price= Rs.* 56088
  • Ex-Showroom Price= Rs. 51709

Honda Activa Price in Chennai

  • On Raod Price= Rs.* 50998
  • Ex-Showroom Price= Rs. 51709


Honda Activa Price may differ if one searches online, the price may vary, though not much. The price in western region of the country, as in Mumbai starts from 49,520 INR. The price may vary region to region because of the logistics and factors being involved. The same vehicle in Delhi si priced at 46,100. The bike doesn't differentiate in any features or other traits. The prices only vary because of the geographical relocations of the vehicle. For the Bangalore resides the bike in the region is of price 48,927 INR. If one plans to buy the vehicle from Hyderabad the bike is priced at 48,830. The vehicle claims to give the same performance, if the similar model is purchased. No variation will be there.

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