Honda: Suits Your Desire Honda Activa:  Highest Selling Scooter in the Country

Honda- a trusted automobiles and motorcycles manufacturing brand is a Japanese public multinational corporation.  Since 1959, the company has been acknowledged as the world’s largest motorcycle and internal combustion engines manufacturer. Talking about the position of Honda amongst world’s largest automobile manufacturers, it has accomplished its eighth rank. Honda is not solely known for its automobiles and motorcycles businesses, but also a leading manufacturer of marine engines, garden equipment, power generators and personal watercraft. Honda was the ultimate dream of its founder named Soichiro Honda but now has become the foremost choice of individuals all over the world, when it comes to purchase a car or bike.  A wide range of two-wheelers consisting sports bikes, commuter motorcycles, scooters and performance oriented high-end motorcycles are being offered by Honda that are exceptionally great in quality and affordable in price; Honda Activa is the one amongst them.

It was the time, when the term scooter evoked the image of a weighty, difficult to manage two-wheelers along with gears, which felt very unfair in appearance. Though, all these changed radically with the creation of lightweight, easy to use gearless vehicles having nice fuel efficiencies. With significantly improved efficiency and most attention-grabbing design, Honda Activa is assumed as the best and first unisex variomatic scooter in the market. It has been extremely preferred by majority of men as well as women since it came into existence. Digital meter, insistent front, combi brake system, Ample under storage, Telescopic suspension, disc brake, sturdy alloy wheel, metal body, HET, exceptional mileage, Awesome power and exciting pick-up are the features especially integrated into the variants of Honda Activa. Currently Honda Activa is available in the market with its three variants; they are:

Honda Activa

Honda Activa i

Honda Activa was the first model of Activa launched in 2004 with a 102 cc engine and 7 bhp (5.2 kW) power output. Later it was upgraded in 2009 with a new 109 cc engine and 8 bhp (6.0 kW) power output. Besides, combi-brake and key shutter are few new features introduced in this model.

Activa-i was introduced by Honda in June 2013 which is sleek in design and superb in performance. It has 110cc engine and 103 kg by weight. All the latest features are integrated into it so that it would perform beyond customer’s expectation. It is almost similar to old Activa except the change in the body style. Ex-showroom price: Rs. 46,006, On Road Price (in Delhi): Rs. 50,979 Read More…..

Honda Activa 125

Honda Activa 3G

Activa 125 was launched by `Honda in April 2014 with a 125cc engine, digital meter, Metal body and telescopic suspension. This scooter is designed based on the latest technology of Honda i.e. HET-Honda’s newly adopted technology due to which you are getting super mileage with this model.  Activa 125 is available with its two different models i.e. Activa 125-STD and Activa 125-DLX.

Ex-showroom price of Activa 125-STD: Rs.55407

On Road Price of Activa 125-STD: Rs. 60245

Ex-showroom price of Activa 125-DLX: Rs. 61575

On Road Price of Activa 125-DLX: Rs. 68082 Read More…

Activa 3G is the latest model launched by Honda. Side panels, front stance, winkers, comfortable sitting position, a longer and wider seat, ample foot space and tail-light are few additional features you can find with Honda Activa 3G. This model of Honda Activa is powered by 110cc engine that promises a mileage of 60Km/l.

Ex-Showroom Price: Rs. 48,853

On Road Price: Rs.55,590